Types and strategies of bets on CS:GO

Phydia de Athayde - 4 mar 2018

Traditionally, a better can bet on CS GO of the following type:

To the result. To win one of the teams or a draw if there is an even number of cards in a duel;
Handicap. This rate includes a head start on kills and rounds;
Total On more or less cards, rounds, kills or on their even / odd;
Live betting. They allow you to analyze the progress of the game and set it online;
Long term. You can bet on the team that, in your opinion, will win the tournament or the first will fly out of it.
But there are special bets specific to this game only. Bets on the tournament CS GO may be as follows:

First blood. On a team that you think will make the first kill in a duel or round;
10 kills. Such a bet in CS GO means that you will receive your winnings if you guess which of the first teams will total 10 kilos;
Pistol round. The start in CS GO is always very spectacular, because the players still do not have money and the fight takes place on the pistols, guessing who will be the winner in this confrontation, you will make good money.
But that is not all. In the world of gamers, there are chips, now they are used to bet on e-sports. This calculation with skins and things is an alternative to money.

Their peculiarity is that things can be set and nothing paid. In the event of a successful combination of circumstances, you will receive a prize, also in the form of a thing. If you lose, then lose only the things used in a computer game, and not real money.

With skins, a similar situation. But money is already involved here. What we are talking about is external weapons. Instead of the dull and gray look of AWP and everything else, you can use colorful and stylish weapons.

The skin can drop out at the end of the game or it can be obtained in the in-game case. But these things will be average. The most stylish and best skins come across in the chest. In order to open it, you need a key that is already worth real money. All these external types of weapons can be used to bet CS GO or directly earn money on them. The world is full of people who will benefit from a good skin.

The best strategy is a competent approach

Try different betting sites. You can place bets with skins on sites such as CSGOfast, or bet on money with online bookmakers.
For successful bets you will need to analyze the game and teams. You need:

To study the rules and features of the CS GO, to learn to understand it well;
To be able to analyze the performances of teams, to analyze the results of their games and opponents with whom the team met;
Know the strengths and weaknesses of teams. In the case of CS, these are cards on which the team is very strong and where it can easily concede even to a weak opponent;
Follow the news. Player transitions, internal conflicts, etc. can very strongly affect the odds and the result of the meeting.

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